Thursday, 27 October 2011

Africa Fashion Week London

This particular show, is close to my heart and now I feel bad for choosing LFW over this show, this time next year this will not be an option, I plan to take part in both. AFWL is an off schedule show exhibiting african inspired designs by new and current talents. The show was held in various locations in London's west end, the aim of the show was to highlight the fusion between the Western world and Africa, which is a prominent industry in London. Please have a look through the images!

100 % Design

In september I went to one of my all time favourite exhibitions 100% Design, this place is a great place to network and make contacts as well as find out what new products are emerging on the design scene.

From seminars to new talent. One of the seminars my business partner and I attended was a seminar on Office design which proved to be very resourceful, from minute projects to large grand scale projects. One of the enjoyable things about 100% design is the width and breadth of diversity under one roof please enjoy!

On route to Earls court

Nestle Headquarters Mexico (office seminar)
The reason for the yellow arches is because the site was a UNESO protected conservation area, which meant they had to follow the traditional arches in mexico, and came up with this contemporary twist.

Saxo Headquarters Denmark(Office seminar)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

London Fashion Week

So it was time for London Fashion week, obviously the main show is not open to the public but I did manage to catch the off show sponsored by Vodaphone. As I have kick started my modelling career this summer I thought this would be a good place to get started, I had never been before and I was very excited, and the sun was shinning. The venue was Somerset House, each corner was filled with mini boutiques from Juicy Couture to Lilly Allen's Lady in Disguise collection. To my surprise many item were discounted  at a good rate. There was so much to get through. A few freebeies here and there. For the Catwalk the presenter was Grace Woodward from Britain & Ireland's next top model, and she talked us through the collections we was about to see, including some exclusives from New York Fashion Week, take a look through the pics hope you enjoy.
T&G take over LFW

Navin Rawanchaikul

When travelling through Shoreditch design district, I came across the artist Navin  Rawanchaikul, his work was being exhibited in Rivington place. There was this amazing painting which was at least a metre long, with what looked like an ancestral painting of various types of asians. There was also a short documentary to go with the painting. The exhibition was about Pakistanis, (which was then India), who had fled the country during the civil war, they went to seek asylum in Nepal. What really took me by surprise is that on the outside they were Indian but were speaking Nepalese I just couldn't get my head around it it was fascinating. These people fully recognised them self as Nepalese, and India of a foreign land to them. Truly amazing, the level of detail in each persons face tells a story.

Mahakad 2010

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Julian Hakes

Back in September during the design month I  was thrilled to find out that Julian Hakes was going to be exhibiting in the design district Shoreditch. So off I went in search of inspiration and looking to be wowed. I do love the Shoreditch area as its full on current design, a hub for the up and coming.

Unfortunately when I got there the venue was very small, however that  was not the problem the Julian Hakes Moijito collection was some what disappointing. The shoe looked better online, the finish of the shoe did not look professional or sleek. The way in which the product was to be marketed was also slightly disappointing.  Luckily for me there was other treasures to be found...

Im pretty sure this is Ben Eine its his style of typography LOVE it

Julian Hakes Moijito shoe

Beautiful lighting

Unusual storage

and more lighting ...

Monday, 10 October 2011

Celebrity Shoots

Its nice to look at celebrities working sometimes or just doing a shoot, I really enjoyed these shoots so I thought I would post them.

Kelly Rowland on Runway magazine such a strong image

Rihanna does Glamour Magazine