Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Living Room Accessories

In recent times the living room experience has changed, the living room has become the core to any household, with it being used for breakfast, dinner as well as family and friends interaction during the evenings, this has been highlighted by changing financial times, with people wanting to save money leading to more staying at home and holding dinner’s and movie nights.

With home decor stores such as Next & House of Fraser providing contemporary furnishings, why not up-cycle items to create an eclectic mix which is unique to your home

We look at styled interiors and accessories to keep up with the Jone’s, without spending a bomb. 

Style 1: Oak and neutral tones always create a sense of warmth, highlighted with vanilla/linen candles. A soft accent of pink flowers adds a pop of colour, teamed with an oatmeal rug creates a cosy winter wonderland.

Style 2: Feature walls are always deemed as a must have in the home, but putting a mass print, can be overwhelming to the space, so why not go for an oak veneer feature. This can be on the pricey side, but creates an interesting focal point for friends and family to talk about. An oak feature wall brings the space together, and can be teamed up with similar oaks and heavy blues, which looks refreshing in all seasons.

Style 3: Nautical styles always remain on trend, this interior evokes a sense of Greenwich meantime, with navy blues making it clean and fresh. Using copper and bronzes to create a balance, the use of horizontal lines gives the impression of a larger space.

Style 4: Country greenery, brings Richmond park to you. Block colours with underlying neutral 
tones: grey/black and green creates a symphony of nature.

Style 5: Mantelpieces always seemed to be cluttered, why not use your pasta jars and wrap them in linen to create a sense of travel, a small cost effective touch  to make your mantelpiece unique.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tartan stripes back

In 2013 Autumn/Winter we saw the rise of tartan punk making a come back with household names such as Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Givenchy and  Versace. 

The quintessentially British print is making an appearance on lampshades, giving the traditional interior a contemporary twist. 

The sumptuous print gives a warm, cosy and rustic feel to any interior. Here we  look at our top 5 favourite Tartan inspired interiors.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Intellectual Property

Wishing all our readers and followers a Happy New Year, Akua Designs London is back with a bang. Here at head office we’ve mixed things up were bringing you fresh new articles related to the development of the brand.

Today we look at Intellectual Property, as a designer it’s very important to protect your design, product or identity, furthermore its important to know which type of protection you need. This falls under the category of Intellectual property. Commonly known as ‘IP’ is the invention of something unique, or of a new product. This can be a brand, logo or written work for a website.

In basic terms IP falls under these three categories:
Artistic work= Copyright
Invention= Patent
Recognisable/easily identified= Trademark
Physical Shape/appearance= Design Right

      Dyson hoover, a patented product designed by James Dyson, who is best known for dual cyclone                                               bagless vacum cleaner.

Automatic copyright protection is applied, when something original is created.
Copyright symbol is applied with holders name, and year the work was created.

A registered creation, which stops anyone making, using or selling it without permission.
It must be a new invention and not  an obvious modification which already exists.

Trademark is something that makes your brand recognisable, for example an identifiable logo.
It last for 10 years, and is only valid in the country of registration.

Design Right
Automatically protects the physical style of an object, which is original in design.
Design right does not cover any two-dimensional elements of a design e.g. Pattern or product surface.

        Eames DSW chair protected by Design right officially sold by Vitra. 

 Ngouchi coffee table recognisable product officially sold by Herman Miller.

For more information visit www.ipo.gov.uk