Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bunmi KoKo

Everywhere I go I hear Bunmi KoKo Bunmi KoKo , when I open magazines I see Bunmi KoKo. I fully understand why, her collections are simply amazing top class African fashion. In the space of three years she has become the pioneer of African design. Bunmi meaning God gave me and KoKo derived from an affectionate nickname from her partner  meaning my other half creating God gave me my other half.

Her designs are ready to wear couture garments, with the use of earthy tones and sleek geometric cuts. Her works mix fusion engineering and fashion, her clients include Michelle Obama, Mel B and memebers of Destiny's Child. For more information please do not hestitate to visit her website, simply an inspiration. http://bunmikoko.com/page/look/company_profile



Monday, 19 March 2012


I think its about time I give an update of what I've been up to, since its been so long. Things are going well and progressing, being the ambitious  bunny that I am i've been hard at work pushing to get where I want to be. Although the majority of my posts  is about fashion at the moment, I do work full time as a junior designer specialising in office build & design, i'm enjoying the experience its completely different from studying at university. Its a lot of hard work as a junior especially as I do not have the technological grounding, however I wouldn't change my position. Everything is a learning curve and the harder I push the closer I will get to my goals.

I've been a bit naughty & slowed down on my portfolio, not without reason, I still intend to continue and include my professional work, i've completed one project and will endeavour to start the next project.

Portfolio: Development & Detail 

I'm still hard at work modelling I recently just finished Fashions Finest London Fashion, Week with two upcoming shows. I'm currently working on improving my portfolio, as previously I have been focussing on runway, I've got a few major things coming up, I shall stop rambling and allow the images to speak for them selves.

MUA: Megami Fashion 
Photographer: Judith Toft
Designer: Daniel Tuffor 

Photography by Judit Toth
Clothes by Caramel Rock
MUA: Megami Fashion

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Arise Magazine Fashion week

I must say I'm very proud to be blogging about this, this is the First Arise Magazine fashion week, and it went down a storm, I can only hope Ghana Fashion Week will be on par or better I dare say. Arise Magazine hosted its first Fashion week in lagos Nigeria, with African designers across the continent including the likes of Ozwald boateng and Alek Wek.
Designer: Duaba Serwa

Theres something I find so endearing about this model, natural beauty hard to come by in this modern world we live in. I feel the selection of models and collection can really relate to the mass, impressive !

Designer: Bestow Elan

Another stunning model, keeping it real for the natural sisters. a vibrant collection, and i'm glad to see a break from the traditional use of cloth as the foundations of the collection.

Designer: Poisa

Time for the eccentric love love love it, it reminds of Annosh's collection eclectic and wild

 Designer: David David

This collection is a contemporary twist on the  african cloth, similar to the work of Peter Pilotto, I love the use of geometric shapes and colours.

Designer: Laquan Smith

Need I say anything at all about the collection and the way the models are working the outfits, the collection speaks for itself, dare I say it's my favourite collection from the show.

 I hope you guys enjoyed viewing this as I did writing it !

 Photography: Simon Armstrong
All images from Arise magazine 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Black Covers

Whilst cyber surfing I came across some amazing covers, strong black women with chiselled features, the images demand respect and your attention, I hope to grace a cover like this one day, please enjoy!