Monday, 17 December 2012

African Prints gone wild

Today we explore the madness of african prints, it recently hit the the fashion industry like a lightning bolt, with the likes high street stores such as Aldo and even Burberry taking part in the phenomenon  So today we pay homage to the madness that is the african print.

Helen PJI, Hassan Hajjaj

Joe Casely, Hassan Hajjaj

Caravane, Hassan Hajjaj

Vilsco cocktail dress

Model Fatou Morana Noba

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Today Akua Designs... explores strength. Strength can be explored in many different ways strength evokes a stament, passion love & anger.  Each of these images are so strong they make you think of one word, have a look  to see if you agree.






Sunday, 2 December 2012

Handmade In Britain 12

Last week Akua Designs... attended The Contemporary Crafts & Design Fair in design district Chelsea. It was definitely a show well worth visiting. Showcased in the decadent Old Chelsea Town Hall, created the backdrop for the inspirational set of craftsmanship. The space was divided into three spaces, which created an easy flowing space.

Sotis Studio Ceramics
Tactile quality of the work, encourages you to feel and embrace the ceramics. This is the trademark of Scotis Fillipides. The grainy dark texture creates a great contrast against the 24 carat gold interior.

An independant design company which specialises in reclaimed materials recreating contemporary design to fit in any home. There ethos: durable, beautiful, ethical, and affordable as design should be.

Diane Turner
Well when we stopped at the Diane Turner we kept coming back it was like nothing we had seen before, definitely one to watch. Jewellery pieces using a mixture of three materials wood, metal and copper, creating a rustic bespoke piece of individual jewellery.

Sonia Cheadle
Contemporary  diamond jewellery using a mix of 18ct white and yellow golds, simplicity is the beauty in all the pieces as they say "diamonds are a girls best friend".

Sarah Herriot Design 
Architectural inspiration  creates the beautiful slices within the metal creating the contrast between the black and silver metal. 

Chris Edwards
Beautiful  sculptural candlesticks  which will suit any environment dinner or contemporary artspace. The pieces are fluid  creating a splash effect , using brass or bronze a beautiful unique piece.

Suzanne Jamieson 
Metal and porcelain at its best, beautiful to be used as a box or as an art piece . Works well as a trio or an individual a statement piece which speaks for its self.

Tabitha Frost
This was the most unusual piece at the fair a great juxtaposition between hard cast concrete versus soft silky copper, a bespoke piece to be matched in any environment.

Alex McCarthy Ceramics
This lava like beauty reminded us of a volcanic landscape a sumptuous landscape filled with gold and beauty.

Josef Koppmann

Well we fell immediately in love with these pieces like nothing we've seen, a rustic feel but so elegant and dainty would make a great christmas present.

Chisel & Mouse
How is this for a bit of fun, detailed craftsmanship of all your favourite sites, nice to liven up your mantle piece.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

High Fashion

So it's been quiet lately  well thats because I have a shelf of exploding goodies to share with you all, this week I will be focussing on the million dollar images, which just scream ecstasy.

The colours the posture the angles everything in this image just works so well, in love .

I'm a sucker for profile shots, since its a pose I love to do myself, beautiful arch to the neck, with the perfectly shaped earring.

Another profile shot, it has a unique natural nakedness to it which makes the image outstanding, simplicity is always the answer.

Fellow model Edith Uba, beautiful shot, the soft bob melts into the background colour as well the lips.
 Photographer: Dami Oyetade

Hiding behind hair seems to work, love the pout in the image, makes the image editorial chic.

Another fellow model Samar Khoury, this image should belong to vogue , the scenery with the delicate posture makes the image a million dollars.
Photographer: Peter Coton
Designer: Colin Heany
Stylist: Anna Pappa

Well this image speaks for itself  need I say more.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Jens Risom

I came across Jens Risom whilst looking for seating, simply by accident. then I began to think to myself where has this designer been all my life he's right up my street.

Jens Risom is a Danish born American designer, who has recently collaborated with with Rocket and Benchmark, but mainly a designer of the 1950s/60s.

Risom attended the school of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, and trained under the furniture maker Kaare Klint, where his fellow student included Hans Wegner.

In 1939 Risom emigrated from Denmark to the USA, where in 1941 he designed the first range of furniture manufactured by Hans Knoll. He established Jens Risom in 1946, which grew to be the third largest furniture design company in America.

Risom's work can be found internationally including in the  Museum of Modern Art. Risom is a Trustee of the Rhode Island School of Design, where he received his doctorate in fine arts.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tent London

I've been quiet for a while collecting information to blog about and boy do I have a lot, but first I will start with Tent London.

A few weeks ago it was London Design Week and my colleague and I  decided to go to Tent London, and it was more than impressive in fact inspiring. Fresh, contemporary, different, it was held in the design district Brick Lane, The Old Truman Brewery, please do enjoy my snapshots along the way.

Munna with Ginger & Jagger



Concrete Fashion


Gaga & Design

Taylor Mckenzie

The Dhaus Company