Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Daegu Stadium

Once again I was watching IAAF world athletics, and I could not help but be mesmerised by the stadium.

Formal name of project:
Daegu World Cup Stadium

Daegu, Korea

Total project cost:
185 million dollars

Daegu Metropolitan City

Idea Image Institute of Architects

Total capacity:
70,000 (largest stadium in Korea)

The concept behind the stadium was  to have a multi-purpose flexible,functional,convenient,secure,economical,creative and symbolic stadium. Yes a lot of requirements, but I believe it works.
The new stadium was built for the 2002 championships, direct flights to Osaka,Japan was created to encourage development within the city.

Concrete and steel form the super structure of the stadium.
Aluminium panels & granite clad the facade.

The stadium is divided into two sail-like sections, which swell and bellow like waves above the stands, creating a symbol of a skyline.

Images courtesy of IIIA 
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Florian Wieder

Last night I sat and watched the VMA's and I couldn't but help be distracted by how beautiful the stage was. The lighting,the material, the presence of the actual stage was out standing. It left me no choice but to blog about it.

Florian Wieder a German designer has designed the VMA's four times each set as amazing as the next. A production designer who worked on upcoming channels in Germany. He became so well established he never finished his degree so in effect became self taught. His first break came when a friend asked him to work on a Porsche set on the North American market, where he began networking. He later developed a close relationship with Simon Cowell, well and as they say the rest is history.

MTV VMA 2011
The theme for this set was time travel,and was in fact inspired the sea. The main purpose of the stage was to involve the entire audience almost working as a big city. The surface of the set also worked as a video set creating the unique individual look.

Britains Got Talent

Eurovision Song Contest 2010

MTV VMA's 2010

MTV VMA's 2009

Let's Dance

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Julian Hakes

Moijito Shoe

Julian Hakes originally an architect designed these beautiful sculptural pieces initially as prototypes and sketches. However within days of the idea being posted on the Dezeen website, the shoe had become so successful, Julian followed through the idea into becoming a shoe.

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Victoria Spruce

I came across this designer whilst browsing through design blogs. I had to stop browsing with immediate effect because the shoes were so EMOSH!

Victoria Spuce presented these bad boys at The Royal College of Art graduate show.

Victoria Spruce "The collection was originally inspired by organic, flowing sculptures giving the idea that the object could consist of one flowing continuous line material"

Monday, 15 August 2011

Modelling Portfolio

Modelling Experience 

Fashions Finest London Fashion Week 2012
Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2012
Africa Rocks 2012
Central St Martins Annual White Show 2011
Miss Black Britain semi Finalist 2009
Gele Tea Party  2012
Fashion Mist 2012
Uber Africa 2012
Mahogany Bridal Show 2012
Elite Fashion show 2011
Fashions Finest Renaissance Show 2012
Ghana Fashion Week 2011
Rip the Runway 2011
Ecoluxe 2011
Ghana Fashion Show 2011
OxyJam 2011
Mr Africa International 2012
Neter Vital Fashion 2012


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