Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter wonderland

As the crisp winter mornings sets in, and and the fresh wind cuts the air, we bring winter inspired shoots to warm your insides, so sit back grab a hot coco and enjoy the warming sensation that is the winter wonderland.

Emerald desire

Poppy go red

Champagne flute

Ice Queen

Yellow Dust

Monday, 18 November 2013

Ardmore Residence skyscraper

Please tell me you have seen the incredible images circulating of the Ardmore Residence skyscraper by the UNStudio in Singapore. Do not stress as we bring you the latest in cutting edge design.
Singapore has a great reputation of tackling its housing problem by penetrating the sky and creating an all encompassing public space. Singapore prides itself on protecting it's greenery and public space for its population of 7 million.

Ardmore Residence is a 36 storey apartment block which was designed to accommodate 58 homes. The curved details of the facade replicates organic forms in the environment, whilst still providing double height balconies to provide a view to the skyline.
One would hope the British government would follow the lead of Singapore and tackle the housing crisis, with such elegance and beauty.

All images copyright of Iwann Bann

Monday, 11 November 2013

Roberto Lazzeroni

Today we look at the incredible body of work by Roberto Lazzeroni, his work spans well over a decade, we pick a handful which truly inspires. Roberto Lazzeroni is an Italian designer who's background lies within art & architecture. He made his professional debut by entering the world of Interior Design which was published internationally, in a number of magazines. Lazzeroni deems Interior Architecture as a necessary discipline as it encompasses all fields and creates spatial awareness.





All images copyright of Roberto Lazzeroni

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Modelesque figures inspired by Architecture

Life is filled with inspiration, and can be taken from just about anywhere from fashion, design or simply just walking down the street. Today we look at modelesque figures which seemed to be inspired by architectural planes. The angles and position of the body evokes a sense of movement creating an incredibly powerful image.