Monday, 24 June 2013

The Crystal

This has been a long time coming, we was simply transfixed when we first came across this building  the sharp angles, creating the shape of a butterfly made purely of steel & glass unique in its kind, but yet sitting comfortably in the cosmopolitan skyline that is London. You can imagine our happiness when we found out it was a green building, built purposely for sustainable urban environments. If your ever down that way be sure to check it out.

Name: The Crystal by Wilkinson Eyre Architects for Siemens

Brand Concept: A multi-faceted urban world, its shape represents the many facets of sustainability and the complexity of urban life. Inspired by the Great Exhibition in 1851 at Crystal Palace.

Materials: Steel & glass

Discovery: on the banks of Royal Victoria Docks

Images courtesy of The & Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Monday, 17 June 2013

Plessi Museum

Simply blown away by the innovative architecture of the Plessi Museum. Noted as one of the first museums to be built by a motorway in Italy, the Plessi Museum is dedicated to the life works of Fabrizo Plessi the Italian artist often described as an alchemist for his use of light & sea water colours. It seemed only right that the interior should reflect the work of the famous artist.

Name: Plessi Museum

Brand Concept: To become a symbol to tie the Mediterranean to middle Europe. The complex works at transforming traditional rest areas to consecrated culture.

Materials: Wood & concrete

Discovery: Trust me I'm an Architect

All images © Oskar Da Riz – courtesy of Archivio Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Q Jonathan Segal

Casually stolling through Facebook as you do and we came across this bad boy The Q by Jonathan Segal. The Q is a seven-story mixed-use residential, office, and commercial development in district of downtown San Diego. The building integrates all of these uses within a small 50×200 foot infill lot. 

Name: The Q

Brand Concept: The Q promotes a green live-work environment, the absence of necessity for automobile. This  urban neighbourhood leaves many tenants avoiding the use of the car altogether as their residences also become their offices and the adjacency of immediate needs fulfils any of their day to day requirements.

Materials: Glass & Steel

Discovery: Trust me I'm an Architect

All images copyright of Jonathan Segal FAIA

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Deirdre Dyson

Here at Akua Designs ... we have the luxury of attending various exhibitions & seminars, we were thrilled when we came across these luxury handmade & commercial rugs by Deirdre Dyson. The bold prints makes any space have that sumptuous feel of luxury. Attention to detail is created by Nepalese hand craftsmen's each individually tailored to the clients needs. These rugs are great for any complimentary furniture piece.

Name: Deirdre Dyson

Brand Concept: This unique combination offers you an involving, exciting and personal experience resulting in a totally bespoke textile artwork, which will provide years of pleasure.

Material: Tibetan Wool

Discovery: May Day Series




Falling Ribbons

All images are copyright of Deidre Dyson