Monday, 9 July 2012

What I discovered on my travels...

Todays post will feature two of my favourite passions Fashion & Design I always find the two marry each other very well, I hope to one day combine the two through a form of media. This post sums me up please do enjoy!

I love the juxtaposition between the metallic orange and the iridescent  tone of the skin, strong & bold

Erykah Badu doing her thing, so unique for a straight forward statement

I have a thing for dilapidated buildings I dont know why I just love the erie feeling,  the potential to infiltrate deconstruct and rebuild. The crumbling nature of the site.

Clerkenwell Design Week, yes I blogged about it before but you didn't see  these images did you, it was such a great design event learnt about so many new & established designers.

Oooo dont you just love a bit of Christian Louboutin it will be a classic design piece in the fashion wardrobe

 Iman the supermodel in her prime an egyptian godess

I love the extremity of this image, its not something you would come across in your everyday runnings, another strong & bold image

Some softer fashion images simplicity always wins the race

Below is an image of my mentor Nasai Forna, I  love her ability to look different in every image whilst still remaining striking. 

Followed by a beautiful ornamental image playing on the use of block colours.

I'm thinking yellow & black must be in season as it seem to be the new style popping up in editorials either way I love it.

 Tribalism in its best form, the care & the attention to detail is second to none.

Its the simple images like this that I LOVE the use of cloth used within an open space, working as a screen divider whilst still maintaining the idea of an open space

Aww me and my angles no escaping it, I was recently given something similar to these & I absolutely u guessed it LOVE it.

This is actually a man bag but I wouldn't mind rocking it myself, the woven quality with the use of a bold colour, set against a navy blue label really works well.

It's amazing what you can do with prints these days, from a tutu style dress to a straight geometric get up

The four below is what I would describe as  Fashion art, its great when a team can come together and create such a gem

So as well as yellow, metallic oranges are also making a breakthrough the market, nice jut of colour through the summer wardrobe.

A good photographer once told me the more awkward you feel posing the better your images will turn out, and he did not lie, look at the length of this models legs, nice piece of art work.

African Prints strike again, it can be used virtually anywhere thus is the beauty of the fabric.

On another vote I would like to say thank you for all those who voted & supported me for my Top Model of Colour journey, I got through to the final, myself & another contestant has been selected to have an exclusive shoot with Adebayo Jones.