Tuesday, 20 November 2012

High Fashion

So it's been quiet lately  well thats because I have a shelf of exploding goodies to share with you all, this week I will be focussing on the million dollar images, which just scream ecstasy.

The colours the posture the angles everything in this image just works so well, in love .

I'm a sucker for profile shots, since its a pose I love to do myself, beautiful arch to the neck, with the perfectly shaped earring.

Another profile shot, it has a unique natural nakedness to it which makes the image outstanding, simplicity is always the answer.

Fellow model Edith Uba, beautiful shot, the soft bob melts into the background colour as well the lips.
 Photographer: Dami Oyetade

Hiding behind hair seems to work, love the pout in the image, makes the image editorial chic.

Another fellow model Samar Khoury, this image should belong to vogue , the scenery with the delicate posture makes the image a million dollars.
Photographer: Peter Coton
Designer: Colin Heany
Stylist: Anna Pappa

Well this image speaks for itself  need I say more.