Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Regeneration of Elephant & Castle

Sorry for the long wait but I have started with a regeneration of the urban plane.

A short history of the regeneration programme

Throughout the 1990s, Southwark Council undertook a number of smaller scale projects to improve life in the Elephant and Castle. However, in the late 1990s and early 2000s a number of key factors came together to make real, fundamental change possible for the first time.
Southwark Land Regeneration Partnership
In 1999, the council invited developers to put forward proposals for regenerating the area. This led to the establishment of the Southwark Land Regeneration (SLR) Partnership, led by the private sector. Although the SLR collapsed in 2002, the process helped Southwark Council clarify its aims for the area and led directly to the establishment of a strategic vision that underpins the current programme.
Elephant Links
In the late 1990s, a national grants programme called the Single Regeneration Budget allocated funding to the Elephant and Castle for a series of small scale social and economic regeneration projects to help lay the foundations for the physical regeneration. Elephant Links aimed to address problems like high levels of unemployment, below average incomes and social exclusion, as well as low levels of basic skills and poor educational achievement.
More than 40 separate projects were funded, including:
Elephant Impacts
A programme to improve the physical environment at the Elephant and Castle through lighting, tree planting, painting and re-design. Elephant Impacts worked closely with local schools, businesses and arts and cultural groups.
Southwark Credit Union
A not-for-profit financial co-operative that aims to raise awareness of affordable financial services.
Business Extra
Business Extra helps small local businesses, providing advice and supporting start-ups.
A new planning context
Also in 2002, the Greater London Authority published theLondon Plan, setting out a vision for the development of the city. As well as establishing a framework for more jobs and homes, the 2002 plan identified key areas for growth across London, including the Elephant and Castle (defined as an 'Opportunity Area'). The London Plan provided a clear context within which Southwark Council could work, and the council went on to draw up its ownSouthwark Plan, followed by Supplementary Planning Guidance in the shape of a development framework for the Elephant and Castle.
Elephant and Castle framework for development (Supplementary Planning Guidance)
The Elephant and Castle framework for development was published by Southwark Council in 2004 and was adopted as a Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) for the area.
The SPG included a comprehensive regeneration ‘master plan’, describing what regeneration might take place, where and how. The SPG includes details of the council’s aspirations for jobs, housing, community safety, transport, education, shopping, health and more.
An internal council team developed the framework, working closely with leading architects and planners. The council consulted local people, using techniques including public meetings, newsletters, questionnaires and focus groups. 80 per cent of residents who took part in the framework for development consultation in 2004 said they supported the council’s plans.
The SPG is currently being updated to ensure it moves with the changing context in Southwark, and in light of the borough’s newly adopted Core Strategy document that outlines the council’s proposals for development in Southwark.
This updated SPG is now called a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the Elephant and Castle. The SPD is currently being drafted and will be consulted on by Southwark council later this year. After this consultation, it will eventually be adopted as planning guidance for the area. The SPD sets out how the council and the Mayor of London's vision for the Elephant & Castle

Castle House

Aerial day view

 Aerial view night

Celeb Catches

 These were to fab for me not to post it up

Eva Marcielle
Topshop embodied dress
(High street)

Solange Knowles
Dolce & Gabbana

Kerry Washington
Jenny Packham
Gio Diev Nikko heels 

United Nude

I came across this particular brand in a magazine, I was thrilled to find out tat one half of the duo is founded by one of my all time favourite architects Rem Koolhaas.

The United Nude Abstract merges the visual language of form and line to create a wooden heeled composition.
€ 252,00

Block Pump Hi
The United Nude Block concept is applied to a family of products that include a ballet shoe and pump. The Block unites an abstract block-shaped heel and the rest of the shoe so it appears merged and independent at the same time.
€ 160,00

Eamz X Elastic

The United Nude Eamz is conceptually inspired by a furniture design classic; the Charles and Ray Eames chair. The United Nude Eamz shoe is an ode to their vision.
€ 157,50

Eamz Pump
The United Nude Eamz is conceptually inspired by a furniture design classic; the Charles and Ray Eames chair. The United Nude Eamz shoe is an ode to their vision.
€ 189,00

The United Nude Haiku, much like the form of poetry it is named after is succinct and beautiful.

€ 154,00

Pin Buckle

The United Nude Pin boot is engineered for support and sex-appeal and emerges from a state-of the-art heel piece.
€ 185,50

Iris van Herpen X united Nude Crystallisation

The Iris van Herpen X United Nude product is a glamorous ankle bootie with smooth round lines and golden leather detailing on the front and back of the shoe, with three-dimensional characteristics. Transparency, reflections and movements create the effect of visual estrangement. The construction of the shoe is so complicated and precise that each pair is 100% hand-made with the highest grade Italian kid leather available.
€ 850,0

Iris van Herpen X United  Synesthesia

The Iris van Herpen X United Nude product is a glamorous ankle bootie with smooth round lines and golden leather detailing on the front and back of the shoe, with three-dimensional characteristics. Transparency, reflections and movements create the effect of visual estrangement. The construction of the shoe is so complicated and precise that each pair is 100% hand-made with the highest grade Italian kid leather available.
€ 995,00

Lo Res Chair

The Lo Res chair is inspired by the most famous Verner Pantone chair, which was re-designed through the semi-automatic Lo Res design process developed by United Nude.
The chair comes in plain colors, in carbon fibre gloss and matt finishes and can be custom finished as per request. Each chair is a uniquely hand molded and hand finished fibre-composite construction, forming a light and solid object.
This piece is beautiful I feel like I designed it myself the geometrics of it amazing
€ 1.195,00

Eric Jerome Dickey

I am a great follower of Eric Jerome Dickey's books, but Resurrecting Midnight didn't quite do it for me I don't know why, maybe it was the heavy use of spanish or maybe it was the drifting plot. I am usually use to a 9/10 from EJD's books but this was more of a 7. Especially as I took a 3 year break from his last novel as it had no plot just sex. I sound like a bitter critic, I am just use to a higher standard from EJD. It doesn't mean I am going to stop reading his books in fact I would encourage you to read it and post your reviews on this blog.

Amazon £10.29

Vidal Sassoon

Recently on This Morning I came across an interview of Vidal Sassoon, I took time aside to actually watch it. It was in fact very interesting I did not know he was so influential, so I thought I would pay homage to some of his ground breaking cuts.

Vidal Sassoon




 Page Boy


21st Century


I have decided I am not going to anymore modelling agencies until I have some decent pics.
I have also decided to look into the black modelling industry.
I have some pics but I am playing the waiting game and waiting for them to be finished.
So far I have been to the following modelling agencies:

Models 1

In the design aspect I have been to one interview awaiting a response, and applied for many design jobs.
Doing my best to push forward with the portfolio, the blog encourages me to plough through.

 Trini & Ghana have been given a project to work on its just about finding the balance of time to work on it. So look out for updates of that coming soon.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

1 Month

So since finishing Uni a month ago I have been on holiday with the girls, I have been to four modelling agencies including a very dodgy one. I have been involved in two photo shoots, for which i'm very excited of the outcome.

I have been to three exhibitions one I came across by accident Geffrye Museum. It was a museum showcasing the development of interiors throughout the 17th century to the present it was a lucky find.
I have also been fashion searching pictures coming soon.

After much procrastination I have started redoing my portfolio as I have always wanted to upgrade it, I think the motivation came from visiting the  Free Range exhibition. I wanted my work to be of a similar standard although some of my fellow colleagues found it dull and boring I want my portfolio to be a splash of tradition with a mix of contemporary fine art  like a beautiful cocktail. I have a vision I just need to follow it through it is going to be time consuming but worth it in the end. My portfolio will be inspired by my visits, such as the National portrait gallery some of the paintings in there were breath taking.

On the modelling front I need to get some decent head shots in order.
I have also applied to be a part of a beauty contest I haven't heard anything yet fingers crossed.

Free Range

National Portrait Gallery 

Jakub Jan Mikulka

Latoya  Alan Coulson

 Little Sister  Tim Okamura

Found next to Hoxton Station

The internet does not do these images enough justice go and check it out for yourself:

National Portrait Gallery
Saint Martin's Place
City of London WC2H 0HE

Free Range
91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

This is a screenshot from the first day of my portfolio its a plan of a walk in gallery you will see more as the project progresses. I will not upload my current portfolio untill I can show you the before and after. I may have something in the pipeline for interiors so fingers crossed again.

As you can see i've been very busy so keep following

Monday, 11 July 2011

High Street Fashion

So in my recent travels to Covent Garden with Trini, we browsed two shoe shops, one of them is our favourite shoe shop Kurt Geiger the Second was our favourite until it fell from grace. However for old time sake we went in anyway boy was we surprised check out the fab items we found.

Description: High heel (10 cm +)
Material: Ikat Fabric
Price: £70

Description: High heel (10 cm +)
Material: Suede
Price: £75

Description: High heel (10 cm+)
Material: Fabric
Price: £65

Description: High heel: (10 cm+)
Material: Leather
Price: £90

Description: 8cm
Material: Suede leather
Price: £65

Description: 10cm
Material: Patent Leather
Price: £85

Description: 12cm
Material: leather
Price: £150

Material: Leather
Price: £110

1-4 : Aldo
1. Inspired by african print a beautiful piece which can be sophisticated  and great on a night out.
2. Following the the summer trend of bold block colours this is young and playful.
3. Another piece inspired by african textiles great with simple day wear such as linen.
4. My favourite of the 8 mix of tan brown cream and black a simple classic.

5-8: Kurt Geiger
5. A piece to jazz up the work wardrobe and not too high.
6. Another work piece simple in a bold turquoise colour
7. Sultry evening wear or a hot date EMOSH
8. Although this is not a heel it was so fabulous I had to add it just look at it

The KG's are of a higher price range but still go and check them out

Friday, 8 July 2011


Hi Guys,

I've always wanted to blog and I've just started I hope you will enjoy obviously there is still a lot to do so bear with me.

This blog will mainly be about:

  • My struggles to break the scene in both design and modelling
  • Furniture
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Lots and lots of shoes 
There will also be a new blog I shall be affiliated with Trini & Ghana so watch this space