Thursday, 20 September 2012

London Design Festival

September is always a busy month for both Design and Fashion, however today I will be focusing on the must see spots of London Design Festival.

Kicking off the Design Festival is 100% Design which started off on the 19th of September. This is an annual event which I go to every year. This year is bigger and better as the event makers of Clerkenwell Design Week have taken over and revolutionized the event.

What's made it great this year is that they have five categories.
100% Interiors
100% Office
100% Kitchen & Bathrooms
100% Eco Design & Build
International Pavillions

So you are sure to find something you will love. Design houses involved include Knoll, Herman Miller, Boss Design Group, Elle Decoration and Mix interiors to name just a few.

MUST SEE SHOW its open to the public on Saturday the 23rd of September and open to members of  the Trade from 19th-23rd September.

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London Design Festival is an annual event and is in its 10th year making it a milestone. LDF focuses on putting together international and commercial events which hold seminars, events and are great for networking.

Here is a list of key dates of where to be and what not to miss:

Shoreditch & Clerkenwell: Tuesday 18 September
Covent Garden & Fitzrovia: Wednesday 19 September
Brompton: Thursday 20 September
East London: Friday 21 September

Tent London within LDF is also another great place taking place in  Old Truman Brewery in the lively Brick 
Lane area of east London. Hosting international household names such as Frame Magazine, Invisible City, 
Mars and UBS Design to name a few.

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To round it all up a hidden gem Open House London 2012  available from the 22-23 of September, this also 
takes place annually, the city opens up to sites that you may not be able to access on a normal day. Some 
places require booking however most are open. You will be lead by sometimes an amateur enthusiast or a 
fully qualified architect, this all makes for a great learning experience.

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Porsche Pavilion by Henn

I thought I would hit you guys with a midweek blog, I came across this beautifully designed building, and I felt I had to share it with the world.

Porsche Pavilion by Henn

The organic lagoon shape spreads across the whole park, which cantilevers towards a pool of water. The curving lines derive from the shape and design of the porsche. The dynamic pavilion has an essence of an aquatics centre similar to that in the olympic village. The pavilion acts as a spatial enclosure as well as being a load bearing structure.

The structure consists of 620 sheets of stainless steel cladding with welded ribs, prefabricated and shipped ready to be set up on site.

All images by HG Esch

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Look what I found on my travels

In my day to day life I come across some great images and sites that I cant help but blog about, welcome to my wonderful world. 

I love this side profile the cheekbone, the angular haircut juxtaposed against the soft curls.
This great shot highlighted by the green creates a great contrast. 

This reminds me of a Bridget Riley painting like a kaleidoscope great  outfit.

Great shot  classic English swag.

Love the colours with chocolatey oiled skin, beautiful.

Runway shot again dropping a shot of colour.

The braids in this image almost sits like a hat love it.

I'm a big monochrome fan this does it 4 me the slender model working with the angles and lines.

Doesn't this look like a giant colourful truffle, I would love to wear something like this on the runway.


Alek Wek doing her thing great candy floss eyeshadow

 Something about this mysterious model draws you in 

Colours Colours Colours a world of beads.

Eastern European vibes just scream out from this editorial shoot, Dark love it

The two images below area amazing simple straight to the point statement images 

 Need I say more about the image it speaks for itself

Grace Jones eat your heart out again the graphite monochrome look

Great campaign image from Addidas, using laces to reflect colour as well as their brand.

As you may know I have a thing for construction sites I couldn't help myself

Jubilee Line has some of the best stations this is Bermondsey station, classic contemporary design in a station

I have no idea what this is, but I captured it Greenwich, looked retro.

Sculpture carved from sedimentary stone juxtaposed against the blue fin building 

This image I took of the expansion of the Tate Modern AMAZING

Beautiful shot of the London landscape 

 Runway shot, love the flow of the dress

Look at the detail on these lips mwah kissable

Wow I would love to know how this was done

Geometric shapes out to play

Fantastic cover, I need to find out who this model is I'm in love 

My mentor Nasai Forna doing what she does best with Idelick Media

Great graphics work playing with layers to give the image depth

I don't know where to look in this image everything is eye catching

Yellow is back with a Kapow!

Runway Flow of the dress stunning.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, as it best describes my love for design and fashion rolled into one.